Putzmeister Boom Wear Parts

We carry a number of Putzmeister wear parts. Call us about available carbide wear plates and cutting rings as well.

Part NumberDescription 
279856001Transition Elbow w/ PortAdd to quote
027864009SKSeal Set S-Tube Shaft Includes (016136007, 067855007, 041321007, 042341002, 013292009)Add to quote
240391003SKLarge Seal Housing Seal KitAdd to quote
240391003Large Seal Housing (seals not included)Add to quote
228383004Chrome SleeveAdd to quote
440621S2318 Large Mouth S-Tube 90mm ShaftAdd to quote
251014007S2018 Small Mouth S-Tube 80mm ShaftAdd to quote
PM-15090ZXM-M6.0" x 90 Degree Elbow - ZXM-Metric Add to quote
242327004Transition Elbow No PortAdd to quote
104003DN150 High Pressure ElbowAdd to quote
RHL605047.25HI-M6.0"x5.0"x1200mm Reducer HP-MAdd to quote
RHL605047.25M-M6.0"x5.0"x1200mm Reducer M-MAdd to quote
2409480031-Bolt Clamp DN150 / 6" BackbendAdd to quote
2398670019.0" Material Cylinder 230mmx2133mmAdd to quote
240111005HFDN230 Spectacle Plate (hard-faced)Add to quote
251031006HFDN230 Cutting Ring (hard-faced)Add to quote
099011DN230 Thrust RingAdd to quote
261122002HFDN280 Spectacle Plate (hard-faced)Add to quote
458878Thrust RingAdd to quote
27558700260MM Mixer End Shaft (Motor Side)Add to quote
24257300760MM Agitator Bearing FlangeAdd to quote
242574006Rubber SealAdd to quote
22248400660MM Bushing AgitatorAdd to quote
04390900360MM Agitator O-RingAdd to quote
238130001Agitator Motor OMH500 ymh-500-4-m-s = DRT#Add to quote
033718000Hex Nut for S-Tube ShaftAdd to quote
041466001O-Ring for Intermediate Ring SetAdd to quote
043017005O-Ring Clean Out Port Transition ElbowAdd to quote
043635005O-Ring for Intermediate Ring SetAdd to quote
069042009O-Ring (6" 90 / Transition Elbow)Add to quote
080373003Delivery Piston SealAdd to quote
080672005Guide Ring DN230x40Add to quote
085813005230MM Multi-Piece Piston Assembly CompleteAdd to quote
222895006Suction Filter Cartridge ReplacementAdd to quote
233915001Round Cord Hopper Seal 15MM x 1MAdd to quote
24318900560MM Center Shaft AgitatorAdd to quote
247910005Key for Agitator Motor ShaftAdd to quote
24811500370 X 9 WasherAdd to quote
24811600270 X 11 WasherAdd to quote
252200001Intermediate Connecting Ring SetAdd to quote
254424005Drive Lever (S-Tube) 80MM ShaftAdd to quote
254501009Washer to Fit S-Tube ShaftAdd to quote
256300004Ball Cup for Drive Lever (S-Tube)Add to quote
25742800870 X 13 WasherAdd to quote
25742900770 x 4 WasherAdd to quote
262840008Plunger Hydraulic CylinderAdd to quote
262840008SKShift Cylinder Seal Kit includes: 261706004, 065344002Add to quote
270321001Proximity Sensor for Material CylinderAdd to quote
273827007High Pressure Filter Cartridge ReplacementAdd to quote
274877001Drive Lever 90MM ShaftAdd to quote
274884007Wear SleeveAdd to quote
27489300190MM Small Seal Housing CompleteAdd to quote
276313000Spectacle Wear Plate 570 HMAdd to quote
406795LH Agitator Paddle (D-Shape)Add to quote
406796RH Agitator Paddle w/ Wedge BLK D-ShapeAdd to quote
416341Hydraulic FilterAdd to quote
427190Elbow 45 Deg w/ Extension 45 Deg + 180MMAdd to quote
432235Rubber Bushing for Hopper GrateAdd to quote
4715606V Blue HBC Remote BatteryAdd to quote
522382Wedge, Transition DoorAdd to quote
541970Motor Hydraulic Agitator OMH750Add to quote
PM HOPPER DOORBoom Pump Hopper Door 905Add to quote
PM-200 PISTON CUPPiston DN200 SolidAdd to quote
PM-CR(C) DN230Carbide Cutting Ring - DN230 (251031006)Add to quote
PM-CR(C) DN280Carbide Cutting Ring - DN280 (261123001)Add to quote
PM-DN230 PISTON CUPPiston Cup DN230 (019003.001) (262893000)Add to quote
PM-WP(C) DN230Carbide Wear Plate DN230 (240111005)Add to quote
PM-WP(C) DN280 16CCarbide Wear Plate DN280 16 Cell (Replaces 261122002)Add to quote

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